TVP Accomplishments– The $510,000 grant from the Federal Highway Administration to work with Idaho Smart Growth and COMPASS to develop alternative land use and transportation patterns in the valley.

– Cooperative agreements between Boise and Garden City for the sharing of police resources and the cooperative effort to build the West Boise YMCA Swimming Pool (Garden City folks can use the pool as well).

– The Treasure Valley Regional Public Transit Authority it’s development and passing by the voters in 1998 by 70% in both counties to work on a regional transit effort.

– Cooperative work on coordinating Comprehensive Plans has taken place.

– Each member has a better regional awareness of overall issues.

– Studies have been conducted of air quality and water drainage; with an agreement reached by the Partnership and the Idaho DEQ to work regionally on air shed problems.

– All members are working together on similar transportation issues including the start up of a regional transit authority.

– Specific Memorandums of Understanding between cities for improved emergency response and sharing of infrastructure facilities.

– Preserved 18 miles of railroad track leading into the spur line between Boise and Nampa.

– Members publicly endorsed the preservation of part of the Boise Foothills.

– The memorandum of Understanding between Eagle and Boise for sharing of sewer facilities.