Special Assistant to the U.S. Attorney (SAUSA)



The Treasure Valley Partnership Special Assistant to the U.S. Attorney (SAUSA) Project is a demonstration project to hire a U.S. Attorney to federally prosecute gang related crimes in the Treasure Valley.

Gang related criminal activity will be prosecuted in Federal court and the individuals would be sentenced to Federal Prison alleviating the cost to the State for housing these criminal perpetrators.

This SAUSA Project is being undertaken through a partnership between the Treasure Valley Partnership, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the Canyon County Prosecutor’s Office and the State of Idaho.


It has been shown that each prisoner in the State Prison system costs the State taxpayers up to $35,000 per year.  Our goal for federal prosecutions under the SAUSA Project is a target number of 18 for the first year and 24 each year thereafter.

Savings under SAUSA Project 1st year    2nd year
Cost savings per case
Cost savings per year to State

Prosecuted gang members could no longer have close access to gang members to control criminal activity.  Recently, it has been found that gang members have coordinated criminal activity in the Treasure Valley through close contact with gang members because of being housed in State or County jails.

The SAUSA Project demonstrates that gang related criminal activity will not be tolerated in the Treasure Valley and that local elected officials have committed to do what ever is necessary to reduce/eliminate gang related criminal activity.


The Treasure Valley Partnership has committed to spend up to $75,000 for the first year of the SAUSA Project.  The individual members have committed to ensure that there is funding for a second year of the SAUSA Demonstration Project.

The State of Idaho through the Attorney General’s office has committed to spend up to $25,000 to fund the project for the first year.

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