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Meeting Summary – Treasure Valley Partnership Meeting – July 25, 2012

Partnership Recognizes SAUSA Employee

On Monday, July 25, the Treasure Valley Partnership recognized Ann Wick for her service as the Partnerships SAUSA.  The SAUSA is a Special Assistant US Attorney that has been hired by the Partnership to federally prosecute gang related crime in the valley.  The meeting was hosted by the City of Boise.

SAUSA - Ann Wick



Mayor Tom Dale presents a Certificate of appreciation to Ann Wick

The SAUSA Program began in 2007 and has been tremendously successful.  191 defendants have been indicted in Federal Court.  Of those, 152 have been convicted and sentenced.   The convictions obtained thus far have resulted in total Federal prison time of 582.5 years for an average of over 46 months sentence.

This success equates to improvements in quality of life indications as well as tax payer’s dollars.  Since this program started, the number of gang related drive-by shootings, for example have dropped to virtually nothing.  In 2005, the number of drive-by shootings in Caldwell alone was 78.  This past year, throughout the Treasure Valley there has only been one.

The savings associated with this program are huge.  If you assume that these now Federal prisoners received the same sentences if tried in State Court, the savings in State incarceration costs alone are approaching $12 million.  In Fiscal Year 2011-12 these savings amount to around $1.7 million.  The annual cost of the SAUSA Project is less than $100,000.

The Partnership also received information on a Child Abuse Prevention Initiative from Roger Sherman, Executive Director of the Idaho Children’s Trust Fund.  The initiative centers around an effort to get 22,500 people trained on how to prevent child abuse.  The Partnership decided to work together, identify some common strategies we could employ and support this initiative around the Treasure Valley.  Information on this Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Initiative can be found at