Meeting Minutes
July 23, 2008


  • Phil Bandy
  • John Bechtel
  • Dave Bieter
  • Tom Dale
  • Tammy de Weerd
  • Scott Dowdy
  • John Evans
  • David Ferdinand
  • Margie Watson

Staff and Guests

  • Adrien Cooper – American Heart Association
  • Lynn Hoffman – Idaho Nonprofit Center
  • Tom Lloyd – Boise Young Professionals
  • Kristen Matthews – American Lung Association,
  • Angela Tate – Boise City
  • Rich Toney – Idaho Nonprofit Center
  • Bill Larsen – Staff

Dave Bieter opened the meeting and welcomed everyone to Boise.

He introduced Allison Tate from the Boise City Attorney’s Office who was in attendance to talk about the Server Training Ordinance. She introduced the server training ordinance and an ordinance prohibiting “all you can drink specials”. These ordinances were the results of over a years worth of discussion. These ordinances were modeled after similar ordinances in California. She indicated that there are lots of server training ordinances throughout the United States.

Allison stated that they have tried to make the language of these ordinances as simple as possible. Basically it states that “if you are a server of alcohol or an individual that manages waiters, waitresses, and bartenders then you are required to receive training. And there are three different types of training and that are considered applicable. They are:

“ServSafe Alcohol”- programs of the National Restaurant Association Educational.
“TIPS” – training for Intervention Procedures programs of Health Communications, Inc.
“Learn2Serve” – training for on premise servers and sellers of alcohol.
Tammy asked if TIPS was the only training that bar owners could use? Allison stated that bar owners should be able to access all of the above training programs.

John asked how there is verification of training? Allison stated that these training programs have a testing component and will print out at certificate of completion for the training. Tammy added that training recipients will receive a card indicating they have completed the training. Tom followed by asking how is the issuance of the card monitored?

Dave mentioned that there are ways to circumvent almost any license. Dave indicated that he had started recognizing that there was becoming an alcohol related problem in downtown Boise. After a process of involving bar owners, police and others, it came out that these two things could have an impact on curbing the burgeoning problem. He indicated that they also passed a public intoxication ordinance and recommends this to all of the partnership members.

Allison stated that the number of alcohol related incidents in downtown Boise have been drastically reduced. Dave indicated that the server-training ordinance has a broad range of support from both the police as well as the server industry.

Tom stated that these ordinances are a good idea. He also feels that there is a consideration that the members of the Partnership need to realize, and that is the City of Boise has been working on this for a couple of years. Building relationships with Owners, Distributors, the Police and other entities involved in the serving of alcohol in establishments. We as individual jurisdictions need to undertake a similar type of effort to encourage cooperation to combat alcohol related incidents.

Tammy indicated that she has talked to her chief and they are looking at encouraging a voluntary compliance with such an ordinance. She asked, what kinds of liability insurance breaks entities get access to as a result of the Server Training. Allison indicated that all the bar owners are showing some sort of break on their rates.

Allison mentioned that there was a State effort to pass language almost exactly as this ordinance reads that was shut down. She indicated there was concern that State Code language could subject serving establishments to State administrative review processes that are harsher than would be the case associated with city or county code violations.

John indicated that caring business owner should recognize the liabilities associated with over serving of alcohol. He indicated that they would be looking at jumping on board with this right away, because they have to have pretty aggressive policies with regards to alcohol related problems.

Dave stated that there is safety in numbers and obviously the more of the members decide to do this, the better off we will all be.

Scott indicated that there were a few problem areas in Kuna and that these ordinances could help curb alcohol related incidents. John said that in Garden City they fixed their one big problem, they raided the bar. Tammy mentioned that her and her Chief attended the underage drinking conference in Boise the previous week. Server training and other processes were discussed that can reduce alcohol related incidents.

Dave mentioned that it would help their cause if he knew if the Ada County mayors were considering such an ordinance. Phil stated that Kuna, Star and Eagle are all contracted with the Ada County Sheriff’s office. He indicated that he has written a note to himself to coordinate with their Police Chief and the Ada County Sheriff’s Office to open discussions on this discussion.

Dave indicated he has what he needs to move forward with server training and all you can drink special ordinances. He felt that this was one of the least restrictive, forward thinking things they could do to combat alcohol incidents and he encouraged the rest of the members to look into it.

Tom asked what the server-training requirement would entail as far as compliance. Allison stated that upon employment, the establishment has to maintain a copy of the employee’s server-training certificate. Individual servers can access the training for about $25.00 on the Internet. Dave added that they would most likely sponsor “live” training periodically for free.

Tom asked what the guidelines for compliance with the new ordinance? Allison stated that they have in their ordinance that there would be a 60-day grace period.

Smoke Free Boise Program

Dave introduced Kristin Mathews who was there to speak about the Smoke Free Boise program. Kristin introduced Adrian Casper, American Heart Association and Tom Lloyd, with the Boise Young Professionals organization.

Adrian said they have come to the Partnership as part of a Coalition for a Healthy Idaho. At its core, it is a movement or an answer to a call from the community. A summary of results of a poll in the Treasure Valley was presented. And they have collected over 5,000 signatures of individuals who are supportive of smoke free environments.

This is not just a patron issue. It is a worker issue. Servers and individuals that work in establishments that allow smoking are at risk from the effects associated with second hand smoke. Kristin mentioned that the poll showed there was overwhelming support for the creation of a law prohibiting smoking in indoor public places, with 73% of the treasure valley in favor. The poll also showed that 68% of those polled would frequent places more often if smoking were banned. Research across the country shows that there are few adverse effects on businesses as a result of smoke free laws.

Kristen mentioned that they are involved with this movement primarily because of the workers who are subjected to second hand smoke.

Dave mentioned that when they first approached him, he just did not want another fight. However, some establishment owners have approached him about creating an ordinance banning public smoking. He is warming to the idea and thinks that the State won’t act and maybe it is an issue whose time has come.

Phil indicated he felt it was a good idea. But his experience has been that you end up going through a cloud of smoke to go into a nonsmoking establishment. Was there a way we could restrict smoking near entrances and exits or have a distance from the building requirement associated with the smoke-free zone. Adrian stated that 20’ was about the standard around the country.

Tammy mentioned that as they open their new City Hall it would be a smoke-free building and campus.

David Ferdinand added that he would like to see some prohibition against parents smoking in an enclosed car with children in the vehicle.

Tom stated that he disagreed to a point in that creating another ordinance to take the responsibility off of the consumer to stay away from smoke filled establishments.

Idaho Nonprofit Center

Dave introduced Lynn Hoffman and Rich Toney from the Idaho Nonprofit Center

Lynn stated that the Idaho Nonprofit Center is an organization of nonprofits that has been in existence for about five years. There are 1,600 501 (c)(3)’s in Idaho. If you counted all of the soccer groups, home-owner associations, etc., there is about 8,000 nonprofits in Idaho. Nonprofits spend $1.5 billion in the Treasure Valley every year. If nonprofits did not exist, there would be a lot of services to members of the community that would fall back to State and Local governments.

The funding for nonprofits in 2008 is pretty grim. As a result of economic pressures, nonprofits are finding funding sources diminishing.

Dave said that they have dealt with several instances where nonprofits failed and the City had to basically pick up the tab. He was not aware of the resources available to help insure the success of nonprofits. The nonprofit center works with nonprofits to improve on organizational aspects of these organizations.

The week of November 10th is being declared nonprofit week. Mayor Bieter has indicated they will probably participate by with a proclamation. Lynn Hoffman indicated they would be in contact with each of the members to have an individual conversation on how they can assist each jurisdiction with supporting the nonprofit sector in each community.

Covered Loads Update

Dave stated that the City of Boise is a little behind on the Covered Loads issue. He reiterated that they do not have philosophical differences and they are moving forward. Margie asked where Canyon County was with the issue. David indicated that Canyon County would be having their hearing on the second week of August. John indicated that Wilder would be bringing the ordinance up in an upcoming council meeting but felt they would probably end up waiting to see what Canyon County does with the ordinance. Phil stated that several Eagle Counsel members are not convinced to the need for the ordinance.

John Bechtel moved and Margie Watson seconded to accept the minutes and financial report. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned.