Meeting Minutes
January 27, 2020


  • Trevor Chadwick
  • Gheen Christoffersen
  • Tom Dale
  • John Evans
  • Brad Holton
  • Debbie Kling
  • Angie Lee
  • Lauren McLean
  • Jason Pierce
  • Steve Rule
  • Joe Stear
  • Rich Sykes

Staff and Guests

  • Bill Larsen - TVP

Member News

Steve mentioned the previous council had reduced the Mayor to ½ time. This has been a challenge due to the growth. The City of Middleton hired away Parma’s City Clerk.

Greenleaf has a small footprint of 210 acres. The developments that are talking about coming in will add another 75 acres. Proportionally this will drastically increase the population of the city.

Parma is getting ready to do their waste-water upgrade which will add capacity.

Homedale hasn’t had the growth problems of other TV communities. They only build 20-30 homes a year, but they are out of lots and no-one wants to annex any property in. They have to work on their waste-water system.

Circumstances have required John to be heavily involved for AIC at the legislature this year. This has kept him busy.

Canyon County is in the final stages of Pod-6 for their jail addition. They are also in the final stages of the new Fair Expo Building. The City of Caldwell is working with the county to provide urban renewal funds for roadway improvements.

Star has received a lot of interest on news commercial investment and they are looking forward to announcing this in the near future.

Partnership History

For new members, Tom gave a brief rundown of the history of the Treasure Valley Partnership. The primary purpose for the Partnership was to get Mayor’s/Commissioners in the same place to talk about the issues we all face and to share ideas.

As a result of our getting together, we have taken on a project now and then. Tom said, the first of those projects was creating ordinances in the valley to put pseudoephedrine behind the counter. Pseudoephedrine is a key ingredient in the manufacture of Methamphetamine. There was a huge pro

The second major project we undertook was the SAUSA Project which is still ongoing. We all recognize the impact this project has had on curbing the gang violence that was occurring in the valley.

Mountain Home

Mayor Rich Sykes said Mountain home sits between the Magic Valley and the Treasure Valley. He asked to be a part of the Treasure Valley Partnership. He felt the City would benefit greatly from participating in the discussion and activities that takes place with this group.

Mountain Home is a growing city and they are getting people moving in from the Boise area because their cost of housing is lower than what it is in Boise. Also, the Base also brings in lots of people. As a result, they have a real housing shortage and are dealing with that just like the Cities and Counties in the Treasure Valley.

Brad Holton moved we include Mountain Home as a member of the Partnership. John Evans seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Joe moved to approve the minutes and financial statement, Gheen seconded. Motion carried.


Issues such as the proposed property tax freeze, whistleblower cap were discussed.