The Treasure Valley Partnership is a nonprofit 501-C-3 member organization consisting of a representative of the County Commissioners and the City Mayors in Ada, Canyon and Owyhee Counties.

The Partnership was founded in 1997 under the recognition that the municipal jurisdictions needed to work together to proactively manage the growth occurring in the Treasure Valley. Since that time, the organization has served as a tool for the jurisdictions to proactively work together to not only address land use issues related to growth, but to address issues affecting the quality of life for the citizenry of the valley.

Dave Bieter Boise Mayor, Dave Bieter gives a presentation on a Proclamation promoting students to complete the FAFSA , the Federal Student Aid Form in February 2017. Meridian Mayor, Tammy de Weerd looks on.
January TVP Meeting Idaho Governor Brad Little addresses the Treasure Valley Partnership at the December 2019 meeting.


The Treasure Valley Partnership meets on a monthly basis and member jurisdictions take turns hosting the meeting. These monthly meetings provide a forum where members can...

  • Learn about, discuss and address key issues that are timely and of concern to our jurisdictions.
  • Collaborate together to enhance the lives of constituents.
  • Share resources, best practices, policies and lessons learned.
  • Develop relationship that are beneficial to serving the public and improving the quality of life for all.
  • Come together to address state legislation affecting local municipal jurisdictions.
  • Mentor newly elected officials.

Treasure Valley Partnership 2022 Meeting Dates

Meetings are traditionally held the last Monday of the month from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm unless noted below.

Meeting Date

  • January 31
  • February 28
  • March 28
  • April 18*
  • May 23**
  • June 27
  • July 25
  • August 29
  • September (TBA)
  • October 31
  • November 28
  • December 12***


  • Kuna
  • Boise
  • Canyon County
  • Garden City
  • Ada County
  • Caldwell
  • Eagle
  • Middleton
  • Strategic Planning Meeting
  • Owyhee County/Homedale/Marsing/Greenleaf/Wilder/Parma
  • Nampa
  • Meridian

*Changed from 4th Monday due to conflict with BMCC Leadership Conference

**Changed from 4th Monday due to conflict with Memorial Day.

***Date changed due to conflict with COMPASS Christmas Luncheon


From time to time an issue arises where Treasure Valley Partnership members choose to collectively undertake an effort. These collective actions take many forms.

Projects. These are collaborative long-term efforts to design and deliver various activities to address a concern. The SAUSA Program represents the shining star of the Partnership project related activities.

Ordinances. Municipal ordinances are often shared and occasionally, collaboratively developed as a means to address an issue affecting the Treasure Valley. The one ordinance worked on as an activity of the Partnership that all members will agree was the most effective was a Pseudoephedrine Ordinance.

Positions. Sometimes the Partnership members collectively take a position on an issue and will issue a formal position statement. As an example, the members through the Partnership have taken a formal position on issues such as; Locating the F-35 at Gowen Field, location of the Gateway-West Transmission line and the EPA’s lowering of Ozone emission standards.

Proclamations/Resolutions. Social causes and efforts to increase awareness about issues are often collectively taken by the Partnership and its members. These public actions serve the purpose of increasing awareness of an issue like veteran suicide rates or distracted driving.

Debbie King and John Evans Nampa Mayor, Debbie Kling and Garden City Mayor, John Evans present the TVP Proclamation supporting Veteran Suicide Awareness in April 2018.


Because of the rapid growth in the 1990’s, in 1997, the Mayor of Boise, Brent Coles, realized that if something wasn’t done to proactively manage the number of people and jobs flowing into the region, the communities of the Treasure Valley would lose their character and many of the traditional western ways. He organized a two-day meeting called the “Treasure Valley Institute” to see what the other mayors and commissioners were thinking.

After two days of listening to national speakers talk about the economics of growth, city planning, urban design and transportation, the elected officials realized they had more in common than they thought. They knew their citizens wanted good recreational opportunities, good job opportunities, housing and a quiet, “small-town” feel to their communities. They wanted to provide these without sacrificing the traditional agricultural base that has supported the area for many years.

After the two day meeting, a document was signed, called the “Treasure Valley Partnership Agreement” in which all members of the meeting agreed to work together on four areas and to meet monthly to keep communication open and learn more about how to be proactive and use the area’s growth in a beneficial manner.

In 1998, the Partnership formed a 501-C-3 non-profit organization. The organization is funded by annual dues of the member jurisdictions.

Member History

The nine founding member jurisdictions in 1997 consisted of:

  • Ada County
  • City of Boise
  • City of Caldwell
  • Canyon County
  • City of Eagle
  • City of Garden City
  • City of Kuna
  • City of Meridian
  • City of Nampa
  • The City of Star joined in 1998.
  • The City of Parma joined in 1999.
  • The City Middleton joined in 2001.
  • Owyhee County and the Cities of Wilder and Greenleaf joined in 2006.
  • The Cities of Marsing and Homedale joined in 2012.
  • The City of Mountain Home joined in 2020.
Members attend a meeting in Caldwell during August 2009. From left to right, Margie Watson – Mayor of Parma, Dave Bieter – Mayor of Boise, Fred Tilman – Ada County Commissioner, John Evans – Mayor of Garden City, Brad Holton – Mayor of Greenleaf, Tom Dale – Mayor of Nampa, Garret Nancolas – Mayor of Caldwell and John Bechtel – Mayor of Wilder, David Ferdinand - Canyon County COmmissioner