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Pseudoephedrine Control

Municipal ordinances are often shared and occasionally, collaboratively developed as a means to address an issue affecting the Treasure Valley. Over the years there have been several ordinances the Partnership has developed together to address an issue Pseudoephedrine Control Ordinance (2005/2006)

Chronology of Events

On January 12, 2005, Idaho State Representative, Bob Ring, Representative Richard Wills, Representative John Rusche, and Representative Mike Mitchell introduced House Bill No. 1. This piece of legislation was intended to control conditions for sale of any compound containing any quantity of Pseudoephedrine. Pseudoephedrine is the active ingredient in the manufacture of methamphetamine and the process of “cooking” was causing damage to property, the environment, putting children at risk and was a major crime concern. The Idaho Legislature did not pass this piece of legislation.

On June 27th of 2005 the Treasure Valley Partnership discussed the issue of Pseudoephedrine Control and voted to have this issue become a “Champion Issue” for the Partnership to take on. There were many overriding issues involved with the Pseudoephedrine Control issue. Least of which were the damage to property and harm to citizens that were occurring as a result of “cooking” methamphetamine. The Partnership unanimously agreed that the local jurisdictions could somehow dampen this activity by introducing local ordinances controlling Pseudoephedrine sales.

On July 25, 2005, a meeting of the Treasure Valley Partnership was held to address this issue. Many people were invited to attend the meeting and included; Colonel Dan Charboneau - Director, Idaho State Police, Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Johnson – Deputy Director, Idaho State Police, Dr. Robert Ring - Representative District 10, Richard Markuson - Director, Idaho Board of Pharmacy, and Chiefs of Police/Sheriff’s/Prosecutors from Treasure Valley Partnership member jurisdictions.

During this July 25th Treasure Valley Partnership meeting, a unanimous decision was made to develop an ordinance controlling Pseudoephedrine sales. The goal was to have common language developed and work the ordinance through each jurisdiction.

A committee was convened to analyze language of the previous legislative session, language of other States and jurisdictions and craft language that would fit within the confines of the jurisdictions of the Treasure Valley Partnership. Over the next month or two, ordinance language was developed to control the sale and distribution of Pseudoephedrine. The subcommittee of the Treasure Valley Partnership included Representative Ring, Richard Markuson and others. This committee took a hard look at why the previous State Legislation failed and attempted to make changes and language to reflect the concerns of groups who opposed HB 1. In addition, the Treasure Valley Partnership as a whole, made an effort to communicate with local pharmacists, law enforcement officials and others to identify and account for any objections to the proposed ordinance.

During the August 29, 2005 meeting of the Treasure Valley Partnership, Pseudoephedrine Control Ordinance language was distributed and the Partnership voted to move forward with introducing the Ordinance to each local jurisdiction. Each jurisdiction of the Partnership subsequently either passed an Ordinance or Resolution with respect to restricting the sale of Pseudoephedrine.

The Partnership discussed the Ordinance process and settled on a projected date of October 24, 2005 for each jurisdiction to have passed the Pseudoephedrine Control ordinance and hold a joint ordinance signing ceremony. On October 24th, a press conference was held on the issue and the Partnership invited all of the local media and key individuals that were involved with the development of the Pseudoephedrine Control measure. In addition, the Partnership pledged to work with Representative Ring and others to assist in the process of getting State legislation passed with respect to restricting the sale of Pseudoephedrine.

During the 2006 Idaho State Legislative session, HB 530 was developed and passed. This legislation put limitation on the sales and purchases of products containing Pseudoephedrine.

The Treasure Valley Partnership hailed the success of this effort. The main goal, reducing the incidences of the manufacture of methamphetamine, was tackled and legal remedies were instituted. The Partnership worked together to solve a problem faced by all jurisdictions and a spirit of teamwork and synergy were the result.

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