Members / Staff

Current Members

Past Members

  • Alicia Almazan - Mayor, City of Wilder
  • Phil Bandy - Mayor, City of Eagle
  • John Bechtel - Mayor, City of Wilder
  • Matt Beebe - Canyon County Commissioner
  • Chad Bell - Mayor, City of Star
  • Dave Bieter - Mayor, City of Boise
  • Vern Bisterfeldt - Ada County Commissioner (Founding Member)
  • Brent Coles - Mayor, City of Boise (Founding Member)
  • Robert Corrie - Mayor, City of Meridian (Founding Member)
  • Tom Dale - Mayor, City of Nampa and Canyon County Commissioner
  • Tammy de Weerd - Mayor, City of Meridian
  • Scott Dowdy - Mayor, City of Kuna
  • Ted Ellis - Mayor, City of Garden City (Founding Member)
  • David Ferdinand - Canyon County Commissioner
  • James Ferdinand - Mayor, City of Marsing
  • Bob Flowers - Mayor, City of Parma
  • Winston Goering - Mayor, City of Nampa (Founding Member)
  • Keith Green - Mayor, City of Marsing
  • Bob Henry - Mayor, City of Nampa
  • Maxine Horn - Mayor, City of Nampa
  • George Hyer - Owyhee County Commissioner
  • Grant Kingsford - Ada County Commissioner
  • Diana Lachiondo - Ada County Commissioner
  • Todd Lakey - Canyon County Commissioner
  • Nathan Leigh - Mayor, City of Parma
  • Frank McKeever - Mayor, City of Middleton
  • Nancy Merrill - Mayor, City of Eagle
  • Nate Mitchell - Mayor, City of Star
  • Laurale Neal - Councilmember, City of Kuna (Founding Member)
  • Greg Nelson - Mayor, City of Kuna
  • Dean Obray - Mayor, City of Kuna
  • Gussie O’Connor - Mayor, City of Star
  • Jim Reynolds - Mayor, City of Eagle
  • Stan Ridgeway - Mayor, City of Eagle
  • Marq Ross - Councilmember, City of Star
  • Steve Rule - Canyon County Commissioner
  • Darin Taylor - Mayor, City of Middleton
  • Craig Telford - Mayor, City of Parma
  • Carolyn Terteling-Payne - Mayor, City of Boise
  • Fred Tilman - Ada County Commissioner
  • Hal Tolmie - Owyhee County Commissioner
  • Abe Vasquez - Canyon County Commissioner (Founding Member)
  • Margie Watson - Mayor, City of Parma
  • Frank Walker - Ada County Commissioner
  • Richard Winder - Mayor City of Caldwell (Founding Member)
  • Paul Woods - Ada County Commissioner
  • Rick Yzaguirre - Mayor of Eagle and Ada County Commissioner (Founding Member)


The Partnership employs a part-time Director who coordinates and facilitates the activities of the organization.

Bill Larsen has been with the Partnership since June of 2005. He acts as a facilitator on project activities the Partnership decides to work on. Bill holds a Masters’ in Business Administration and has professional experience in developing and managing projects covering a wide variety of disciplines. He has held positions such as Project Coordinator for the University of Idaho, Resource Development Specialist for the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, Marketing Manager for two different businesses and has been the owner and manager of his own business providing Medicaid related services to clients in the Treasure Valley. He has also been a member of several state-wide boards and commissions beginning in the early 80’s.

Previous staff members of the Treasure Valley Partnership include;

  • Elizabeth Conner
  • Kristi Nygard