During the course of time, issues arise that require a unified, sustained response from the cities and counties in the Treasure Valley. As a group, the Treasure Valley Partnership has decided on many occasions to take on a “project-related” activity to address a concern.

These "project-related" activities are different than simply creating a valley-wide ordinance, for example, and require a more involving effort. The major project activities the Partnership has pursued are represented by the following. This is by no means a complete list of projects the Treasure Valley Partnership has undertaken but is a good representative sample.

SAUSA Project - an ongoing effort to curtail gang-related violent crime.

Opioid Crisis Response - a current effort to address and reduce opioid overdose deaths.

Ozone Public Information Campaign – an effort to increase public awareness around ozone emissions to stave off impending EPA restrictions.

Treasure Valley Water Quality Summit – an effort to increase communication between irrigation and canal companies and municipal jurisdictions.